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MENDi is Inspiration, Creativity and Uniqueness


MENDi provides a hue, where the brilliant designers exchange their ideas, inter-react, pour in their own expertise.

Each Creation and Art Piece of MENDi is the fruit of extensive collaboration, exuding coherent style and

shining brightly and uniquely.


Inspiration can be found everywhere but CREATIVITY is universally unique.


With the designers’ endless creativity and skillful handicraft, genuine leather is revitalized into dynamic and energetic shapes, making every item universally unique. The combination of fashion and sports further creates a new blaze of vigorousness. 


MENDi is Memorable, Enchanting, Noble, Distinctive and innovative?! However, such expression is a little bit superficial. 


MENDi pursues timeless and ever-lasting design, which is absolutely different from that of fast fashion.

Its direction goes for fashionable design with intrinsic value rather than simply trendy. 


Every item of MENDi is virtually an art piece made by superb hand craftsmanship. It is made to order.


MENDi has no boundaries. It is not bound by country, culture, species, class or gender.


The timeless design and creation of MENDi is for the Universe. 

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